Musical Spheres

Angel Place has recently revealed its new lobby art installation, ‘Musical Spheres’ by Marion Borgelt. Commissioned by AMP Capital, Musical Spheres is a site-specific installation that plays on Angel Place’s history as a musical precinct.

Echoing the action of hammers hitting piano strings and the movement of musical notes on a score, the piece is a dynamic field of contrapuntal coloured musical forms. The circular forms slowly move up and down, playing the air, complementing the constant movement of people in and out of the space, referencing music through movement rather than sound. 

Marion Borgelt is a leading Australian artist whose career spans more than 40 years. She is well-known for her large-scale installations, & frequently draws inspiration from themes such as life cycles, cosmology, physics & phenomenology. 

At AMP Capital we beleive that art plays a crucial role in good placemaking, and this incredible piece will transform the Angel Place lobby experience for customers and visitors alike.